Mana Pharmacy’s objective is to be the most reliable source of drug and health-related information on the Internet. This is accomplished by providing consumers and healthcare professionals with independent, objective, comprehensive, and up-to-date information presented in a clear and concise way.
The site designers and engineers at Mana Pharmacy strive to present visitors with an intuitive, user-friendly website that is simple to navigate and provides quick access to the vast array of drug and associated databases that we have available. Please tell us here if you have any navigational issues or if you have any suggestions for improvements. At our weekly design meetings, we go over all of the feedback concerning the site’s design and usability.
All of our content is created using a 6-stage review and editorial process.


Our team begins by performing research to discover areas where high-quality material is lacking. To fill the need, an idea is conceived and then reviewed by our medical experts.

Content Structure

After a concept has been validated, it is assigned to a content category. Every piece of material adheres to a well-defined framework for each category in order to preserve consistency.

Content Creation

Our team of experts gathers information from reliable medical and scientific sources such as textbooks, peer-reviewed publications, systematic reviews, international and national treatment guidelines, meta-analyses, and regulatory websites.


All of our facts, statements, and statistics are backed up by the most recent medical and scientific sources available.

Initial Screening

When an article is received, the Editorial Staff reviews it for journal scope, format, potential impact, and originality. If the paper does not follow the Mana Pharmacy standard format, it will be returned to the author to be corrected.

The format will be assigned for External Peer Review if it meets the requirements of Mana Pharmacy.

External Peer Review

During the submission process, the author can nominate at least two reviewers to assess the work. Any of the submitting writers' collaborators or prior co-authors should not serve as reviewers. They should be from a different institution and have an email address from that institution. The suggested reviewers may or may not be contacted by the editors. Our editors go over the content again to make sure it's consistent in terms of language and readability. Before it's published, our experienced medical team double-checks the information.

Regular updates and feedback

On a regular basis, the team considers user feedback in order to improve the content quality. To stay up with the latest research and advances, the information is updated on a regular basis. We combine all of the most recent safety information about medicines.

Content Creation Framework

We have a set of guidelines that we closely adhere to when creating healthcare and medical content. This ensures that our data is comprehensive and trustworthy. The parameters are as follows:

Based on medical science and facts

We publish contents that are medically supported.

Keeping up with the most recent developments

We ensure that the content is kept up to date with the most recent medical research and findings.


We Include sources of knowledge in the form of references and citations.


We produce information that is objective and not prejudiced toward a certain product or service.


We ensure that the content is relevant to the user's needs and written in a clinician manner.


We create information that is trustworthy and accurate.