Sitting in front of the computer or driving for a long time can make your eyes tired and dry. This will make you uncomfortable and lose focus on whatever you are doing. Sometimes your vision may also be hindered by the dust or blowing wind, which annoyingly burst your bubble of happiness as you are enjoying some amazing scenery.

Prolonged dryness in the eyes can cause irritation and blurred vision. You can also easily injure them by scratching your dry eyes to relieve the uncomfortable feeling.

A simple eye drop can actually save your day. Tired and dry eyes can easily be solved by a small drop of the right solution. If you are wearing a contact lens, this can actually save your eyes! Many contact lens users harm their eyes by prolonged usage of the contact. While they correct your vision, they can easily dry up and irritate your eyes. Therefore, remember to instill one or two drops of moisture once in a while. Your eyes will be thankful. 

There are many brands and types of eye drop available out there. But which one works best for you? Here are some products that are widely recommended and available in the market.

1. Alcon Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops

This eye drop from Alcone can give your eyes the moisture they need, thus protecting them from dryness. It can provide you instant relief and refresh your tired eyes.

2. Alcon Systane Hydration Eye Drops

This is another product from Alcone to help you get on with your day without being hindered by the dryness of your eyes. As the name itself, this eye drop hydrates your eyes and gives you fast and long-lasting relief.

Good news for those who are wearing contacts. This one might be the solution for you as it can be used with contacts. You can also use it to wet your contacts if you find them getting dry and they start to irritate your eyes.

3. Eye Glo Relief Eye Drops

Eye Glo Relief Eye Drops is formulated for the eyes that are exposed to dust, chemicals or strong wind. This product may be the one you need if you plan to go swimming and get your eyes exposed to the chlorine water or if the nature of your job requires you to be exposed to a huge amount of dust every day. This can also be your eyes saver if you are going sightseeing in a particularly windy area which can dry your eyes pretty quickly.

This product is also suitable for you to relieve the tiredness and dryness from your eyes after working in front of a computer and being in an air-conditioning environment all day long.

4. Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops

This product from Blink has a brand new packaging. It is specially formulated for you, the contact lens users. This eye drop works with your natural tears to keep your contacts hydrated and protects your eyes from irritation. This allows you to wear your contact lenses comfortably all day long. 

It also contains hyaluronate and electrolytes to mimic your natural tears. Hyaluronate can instantly moisturize your lenses and hydrates your eyes to keep them fresh all day.

5. Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drop

Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops is formulated for people who use contact lenses and also general use to combat dry eyes problem. It is suitable to replenish the moisture you need after prolonged screen usage, prolonged exposure to dry environments such as air-conditioned areas, contact lens users or to ease you during your travels.