A reusable menstrual cup can save you money over the course of three periods. Additionally, switching to a cup can immediately minimize the quantity of disposable tampons or pads that you would normally discard. The optimal cup for you is quite individual and is determined by your anatomy. Since 2016, we’ve tested 33 different cups and two menstrual discs from 21 manufacturers and determined that the Cora cup is the best cup for first-time users due to its ease of folding, inserting, and removing. Consider our long-standing recommendation, the MeLuna Classic, for additional size, shape, and stem options. We also offer selections for women with low cervixes, high cervixes, and broad vaginas.

Menstrual cups are the subject of this review. If you’re looking for further menstrual goods, please see our tampon and period underwear reviews.

1. The Cora Cup

The Cora Cup is the most suitable menstruation cup for beginners. The Cora Cup features some ingenious design elements that make it easier for first-time cup users to establish their bearings—it folds smoothly and its slightly uneven shape facilitates pinching and removing. It is available in two sizes.

Most cups are nearly the same in shape, but the Cora Cup has some extremely clever design changes that make it an excellent starter cup. The cup’s edge is flattened to indicate where to position your finger during folding, and the bottom narrows to facilitate pinching to remove the cup. The silicone is gentle and easy to clean, and the size is ideal for when you’re unsure how much space you have down there.

2. MeLuna Classic

The MeLuna Classic isl a fantastic cup and it comes in the widest range of sizes (eight in all, including the Shorty variants) to accommodate individuals of varying heights, athletic backgrounds, and vaginal delivery experiences. Additionally, the MeLuna is available in a harder form with three handle configurations. Its design is quite versatile, yet it bursts open quickly. Inserting, removing, and cleaning this cup is a breeze.

Many folks in menstrual-cup land speak of finding their “Goldilocks cup,” the one that fits them perfectly. MeLuna offers more customization options for the cup’s size, shape, and firmness which means that you can experiment with a single variable at a time while determining what works best for you, rather than starting over with a new cup if this one isn’t perfect.

3. MeLuna Shorty

MeLuna Shorty is one of the products range from MeLuna Classic and it is suitable  for women with small cervixes If your cervix is really short, this is the most effective cup for you. It’s simple to clean and easily fits in and out. Due to the reduced length, certain sorts of folds are more difficult to execute.

Individuals with low cervixes frequently struggle to locate a menstrual cup that fits properly, as the majority of cups are excessively lengthy. The MeLuna Shorty is one of the few cups created exclusively for women with low cervixes, and it is significantly easier to fold, insert, remove, and clean than the other low-cervix cups. While a low-cervix cup does compromise volume—due to the cup’s reduced size, it can retain less blood—comfort takes precedence over needing to change the cup more frequently.

4. DivaCup

This is one of the most recognizable cups, as well as one of the largest. If you have a lengthy vagina, this is an excellent cup—it folds easily, is easy to insert and remove, and cleans effortlessly. It is available in three sizes.

The DivaCup is the cup that the majority of people begin with, however it is not the best beginner cup because it is one of the longest cups, which means it may be uncomfortable for anyone with a medium or short cervix. But if you have a high cervix, the DivaCup works incredibly well, is smooth and pleasant, and holds a lot of fluid. Although it has a hollow stem, which collects blood and other tissue more easily than solid stems, this is not exactly a deal breaker.

5. Lena Cup

The silicone is smooth and feels excellent against the skin, and inserting and removing this cup is a breeze. It’s a little broader than normal cups, which is ideal if you have a large vagina.

The Lena Cup is somewhat wider and more smoother than many other cups on the market. The Lena Cup is really comfortable to wear as the silicone used in its construction is extremely smooth, making it a breeze to enter and remove. Additionally, its larger form helps avoid leaks for people with a wide vagina, and the solid stem collects no blood or other tissue, making it easier to clean than some of the hollow-stemmed cups.