1. Enfalac / Enfamil A+ Infant Formula

Enfalac / Enfamil A+ Infant Formula Step 1 is formulated for full-term newborns between the ages of one and twelve months.


– 17mg* DHA & 34mg* ARA: To aid in the infant’s visual development.

– Iron and choline

– MFGM Complex, a concentrated whey protein including Milk Fat Globule Membrane. MFGM is a source of phospholipids, sphingomyelin, and proteins in its native state. Phospholipids and sphingomyelin levels should be optimal for a baby’s development.

– Blend of Polydextrose (PDX) and Galactooligosaccharides (GOS): 50% (wt/wt) Polydextrose (PDX) and 50% (wt/wt) Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) are dietary fibers that are patented in the United States, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

– High in Calcium, Vitamin D & source of Magnesium:

> Calcium contributes to the formation of strong bones and teeth.

> Magnesium aids in the absorption and retention of calcium.

> Vitamin D aids in the body’s calcium and phosphorus use.

2. Friso Gold

Made with premium NOVAS Signature Milk obtained directly from the farms. It possesses the distinctive property of tiny molecules with a soft structure. In conjunction with LockNutriTM Technology, which preserves the natural structure of milk protein, making it easy to digest. It has a natural flavor with increased goodness. Now contains 2′-FL, with no additional sugar or flavor. This milk is packed with nutrients that are critical for your child’s growth, including prebiotics, probiotics, DHA, nucleotides, Vitamin D, and Selenium.

3. Abbott Isomil Plus

This is a complete soy-based formula for children aged 1 to 10 years who are intolerant to cow’s milk.


Protein 12.57 g, fat 37.95 g [monounsaturated 8 g, polyunsaturated 3.8 g, linoleic acid 3.4 g, linolenic acid 290 mg, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 9.3 mg, arachidonic acid (AA) 18.6 mg, saturated 6.1 g], carbohydrate 57.84 g, fructooligosaccharide (FO 474 kcal of energy


For particular feeding requirements, including as refeeding after diarrhoea, cow’s milk protein allergy (which may manifest as a skin rash, stuffy and congested nose/chest, loose stool, spitting up, irritability, colickiness, bloatedness, excessive weeping, and vomiting), and lactose intolerance (some children cannot digest lactose and develop signs of lactose intolerance eg, bloatedness and loose stools).


Along with proper nutrition and promoting social contacts, engaging in playful activities and singing songs, as well as sketching and building blocks, foster an environment conducive to your parenting that lays the groundwork for your child’s happy growth.

LACTOGROW from Nestlé is a nutritious milk drink with a delectable biscuity and vanilla flavor for developing youngsters aged 3-6 years. It contains probiotic L.Reuteri, growth nutrients, and immunonutrients that promote a healthy, happy growth.

5. PediaSure

PediaSure Plus is a complete and balanced nutrition that has been clinically proved to deliver appropriate nutrition for a difficult-to-feed child’s healthy growth, development, and immunity.

It features the Triple Sure System, which includes the TRIPLE PROTEIN COMPLEX, an optimal protein blend that can help promote his optimal growth and keep him on track, the DUAL CARBOHYDRATE BLEND for increased energy, and the UNIQUE FAT BLEND & MCTs for the mental development of a difficult-to-feed child.

Additionally, PediaSure Plus contains SYNBIOTICS (a blend of prebiotics and probiotics) and 28 vitamins and minerals to support immune function.

One full glass of PediaSure Plus is the equivalent of a whole nutritious meal and contains 100% of the majority of vitamins and minerals.