Fat protects internal organs such as the heart and other organs from shock and injury and also gives us the energy to carry out daily activities. However, excessive fats in the body may accumulate and form excess adipose tissue. Body fat percentage is used to measure an individual’s fitness level since it calculates the relative body composition regardless of height or weight.

The methods used in measuring body fat percentage include:

  • Skinfold calipers to measure the thickness
  •  3-D body scanners
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis that detects body reaction towards the electrical current
  • Hydro-densitometry weighing

However, the methods used are not very accurate and quite expensive.

What Is Body Recomposition?

Body recomposition involves changing your general physique by burning body fat and at the same time, gaining muscle. To reduce body fat and increase muscle fat, you have to be keen about your diet and how much you exercise. The best way to reduce body fat is by consistently exercising and maintaining a proper diet. Having a personal trainer can be helpful since they prepare a schedule on what to eat and how much to exercise per day. To build muscle mass, you have to focus on protein consumption and weight training.

Body recomposition is not about losing weight; it is about changing your physique through body fat loss. At the end of body recomposition, you might have gained weight, but your clothes will fit differently, and you will look firmer.

Does Your Diet Affect Your Body Fat Percentage?

  • Nuts – they contain balanced amounts of protein and fiber, and they are not as fattening. They are an excellent snack for people that are trying to lose body weight.
Mix nuts
  • Whole grains- some whole grains such as brown rice, oats, and quinoa contain a good amount of proteins and fiber that is healthy for your body.

  • Fruits – they have a low energy density and contain fiber, which regulates the rate of sugar release into the bloodstream. They reduce the rate of blood sugar rise in the body.

  • Soups – meals with soup tend to fill people faster due to their high amount of water content. Meals with low water density are those with lots of water.

  • Leafy greens- these include spinach, kales, and collards, among others.  Green vegetables increase the volume of your meals without increasing the calories content. They also contain numerous vitamins and minerals essential for the body.

When preparing a diet plan to reduce body fat, ensure that you include fruits and vegetables, avoid weight-gaining diets such as high-level carbohydrates meals, roasted potatoes, processed red meat, and sugary drinks.

Five Best Ways To Lose Body Fat At Home

Your home is the best place to lose body fat naturally. This can be done by consuming a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Some of the home remedies to reduce body fat are:

  • Drinking lemon water mixed with honey: A glass of lemon water with 2 teaspoons full of honey helps the body get rid of excess fat and detox the digestive system.

  • Chew raw garlic: Garlic has antiseptic properties, which are very important to the body.

  • Staying hydrated: Drinking adequate amounts of water per day can be an effective weight loss remedy at your home. Enough water in the body also helps in the process of food digestion.

  • Sleep for 6-8 hours: Getting enough sleep is crucial when it comes to reducing fat. Adequate sleep ensures you are well-rested, regulates body functions, and helps indigestion.

  • Eat on a small plate: The size of the plate shows the amount of food you are about to eat. A smaller plate holds a lesser quantity of food than a bigger plate. Thus by using a smaller plate, you consume less food and thus will help lose the overall body fat.

Optimizing Your Routine

Losing body fat is not an overnight work, but it requires persistence and consistency. This starts from planning your meals to your exercise schedule.

The tips on how to reduce body fat include:

  • Eating regular meals during the day as it burns calories faster.
  • Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables since they contain fewer calories and also make your stomach full.
  • Being more active by exercising and engaging in various activities to keep the body fit.
  • Drinking plenty of water to fasten the rate of digestion and also quench your thirst.
  • Eating high fiber foods such as oats that will leave you full for several hours.

NOTE: Consistency is the glue that keeps everything else together. Your body will not alter on its own if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.