Truthpaste: Trusted Toothpaste Brands for a Whiter Teeth

The Significance Of Toothpaste Gum disease and cavities are primarily caused by plaque. If it is not removed consistently, it can solidify and create tartar on your teeth. Tartar fosters the growth of microorganisms in a favorable environment. Brushing your teeth is the most effective approach to control plaque. However, what role does best toothpaste […]

Tonsil Stones: The Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

If you’ve ever noticed yellowish-white patches on your tonsils (the oval-shaped pads of tissue on either side of the back of the mouth that you must open wide and examine with a mirror), you may have tonsil stones, a very common disease. It is different from Tonsillitis, because its common name is Tonsilloliths. These deposits, […]

6 Best Mouthwashes 2021 To Fight Bad Breath – ManaPharmacy

An unpleasant smell of the mouth is not only embarrassing, but can also kill conversations and your social life. It is believed to be caused by poor dental hygiene, health conditions, unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and eating certain food with a strong smell. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people globally is affected […]

Bad Breath

Bad breath, often known as halitosis, is characterized by a bad odor emanating from the mouth. Almost everyone has foul breath from time to time. However, for other people, foul breath is a constant issue for which they are unable to find a cure. Approximately 30% of the population suffers from foul breath in some […]

What Are The Causes Of Mouth Ulcers & How To Treat Them?

Overview Mouth Ulcers are a common ailment that affects many people at one time or another. These sores can grow among other soft tissues such as on your lips, gums, cheeks, tongue, floor, and roof of your mouth. You can also develop mouth sores on the esophagus, the tube connecting your mouth to your stomach. […]