Anxiety Awareness

What is anxiety? Do you constantly worry? Do you often feel pressured? Do you find yourself restless and drained? Do you experience difficulty in concentrating or thinking about anything other than the present circumstances? 

Well, we hear you! These are common anxiety symptoms and signs. Although anxiety is a normal feeling, if not handled well and if your anxiety is agonizing you, it can be harmful to you and may lead to a single-medically recognized anxiety attack, which can continue to occur at times, or worse, it can affect the people around you and evolve to social anxiety.

You’re not alone. We’ve got you covered! Here are effective tips on how you can prevail over anxiety:
Concentrate on the things you can change

 Worrying about things that haven’t happened yet or may never happen is a common source of anxiety.  Even if everything appears to be in order, you are concerned about other possibilities such as losing your job, becoming ill, or the safety of your loved ones. Please avoid thinking these things as they can lead to anxiety.

Rule over your emotions

Yes! You have the authority to do so. You can decide ways on how you will approach the unknown. You can boss your mind. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

Take a breather
Happy songs

Practice mindfulness. Listening to a song, praying or meditating, taking a massage, or adopting relaxation techniques all seem to be great choices. Taking a break from the situation would help to clear your perspective.

Eat meals that are well-balanced

Make sure not to miss any meals. Sustain a variety of nutritious, energy-boosting snacks.

Avoid excessive amounts of liquor and coffee

these drinks can worsen anxiety and arouse panic episodes.

Get enough sleep

When you’re anxious, your body needs far more rest and recovery.

Exercise on a daily basis and secure your health and happiness

Get up and try simple exercise routines for you to practice a constant and determined body activity.

Take numerous deep breaths

Gently inhale and exhale then gradually count to ten. If needed, count to 20 and so on. Relax. A breathing exercise won’t hurt.

Deep breaths
You’re doing great! Small progress is still progress

Give it your all, but instead of striving for perfection, which is impossible to achieve, be proud of yourself and celebrate your small wins.

Accept the fact that you can’t manage everything

Consider your stress level: Is it truly as necessary as you think? Be realistic with your stressors.

Indulge yourself in a world of humor

A good giggle makes a big difference.

Maintain an optimistic frame of mind

Make an attempt to think of positive ideas instead of negative ones. By focusing on appreciation, you can transform your anxiety into a source of power. Also, don’t forget to be grateful.

Participate with passions

Volunteer or find another way to be engaged in your community, which will provide you with a support system and a break from daily stress.

Identify and deal

Find out what makes you anxious. Is it your job, your family, your school, or something else? If you can, pursue to restrict your exposure once you’ve identified your trigger. If you can’t limit it — for example, if it’s due to a stressful job environment that you can’t change right now — you can try various coping tactics like emotional management that is suitable for your situation.

Communicate with someone

Tell your friends and family that you’re feeling overwhelmed and how they can assist you. Seek professional help if you feel that things are getting out of hand.

Write down your thoughts

When you’re stressed or anxious, keep a journal and search for a pattern. Writing down what’s making you anxious gets it out of your head and can make it less daunting. 


Last but definitely not the least:

Be patient and persistent along the process

Fighting anxiety is not a one-time deal. It has many ups and downs, trials and errors, and successes and failures — but keep in mind that you are not your anxiety. Keep moving forward because you are destined for greatness. Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action. 

It’s okay to not figure everything out. Coaching your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you assume it should be, brings peace. You got this!