A runny nose can cause discomfort to anybody, particularly if the condition persists. The person who is affected by it always keeps a handkerchief or small towel with him to rub the nose and wipe off any dripping mucus from his nose.

A person who suffers from a runny nose would want rapid relief because his congested nose makes breathing through the nose impossible. People who face this problem over and over again may end up on the internet looking for ways to stop a runny nose. This condition is known as ‘rhinitis’. Rhinitis happens when nasal tissues get inflamed with the entrance of any outside agent such as pollen grain or dust particles that stick with the inner surface of the nose and tingles its coating. These alien agents act as an allergen that prickles the inside of the nose and excites it to discharge a lot of mucus continuously.

Ways And Tips To Mitigate The Effects Of Runny Nose

The value of effective preventive measures to get rid of the problem shouldn’t be overlooked. Usually, the problem subsides on its own without any exclusive help from the practitioner.

The patient should most importantly not miss on the intake of fluids. Water in this case is considered an ideal tonic to treat this.

How To Stop A Runny Nose

 Putting a cool humidifier next to the bed while sleeping helps to prevent the congested nasal cavity from shrinking further due to the cold breeze, making its way in through the windows. If you’re allergic to pollen kernels, avoid visiting places with pollen flowers. Stay indoors in the spring season, as much as possible. Especially if there is strong wind outside and early in the morning.

Keep Yourself Clean


Make sure that you change your clothes and take a shower if you go outside.

Avoid coming into contact with animals especially if you’re allergic to their fur and feathers.

Throw the tissue into the garbage and discard it after wiping your nose. Maintain a distance from people who are showing signs of cold and infection.

Healthy Eating Habits To Boost Immunity

Healthy eating habits shouldn’t be your prime focus only when you have a medical issue. A healthy diet and daily consumption of vitamins and nutrients help the body combat foreign agents.

It also equips the body to survive in some of the challenging medical conditions because of its developed immune system.

In addition to a healthy diet, be strictly hygienic. Don’t sneeze into your hand but instead, bend your elbow and sneeze into it so as not to spread germs everywhere. Disinfect the surfaces such as furniture, decorating items, bathroom accessories or wherever you feel droplets can accumulate. 

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Remedies To Make You Feel Relieved

Runny nose instant remedy: Here are some easily available ingredients at home that can be your instant remedy for runny nose.

Hot Teas

Hot tea is often proven more effective than the cold ones. Its hot steam helps the congested nasal canal to open.

If you want a faster remedy, try drinking tea that contains herbs. These herbal tea ingredients are perfect anti-inflammatory constituents. Ginger, mint, nettle are all perfect decongestants.

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Keep A Food Diary

Bring your food diary with you so that you can keep track of what you eat.  Choose healthy food that helps you to fight against runny noses. If you want to eat snacks then try to eat them during the daytime. Consume more fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, tea, hot water, steam, chocolate, and juices because these ingredients help you to fight a runny nose.

Hot Water Bath

This formula works well if you want to get rid of a runny nose. They call it immediate relief. It works more or less the same as a hot tea as taking a bath with lukewarm water can magically improve your condition. 

 Facial Steaming

Study shows that inhaling hot steam is beneficial to someone with a runny nose. This reduces the recovery period by a week or so.

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Essential Oils For Runny Nose

If the aforementioned techniques and ingredients couldn’t improve the condition, you can try using essential oils. There are numerous kinds of essential oils that are great in managing nasal flow trouble 

All you have to do is put a few drops of these essential oils on tissue paper and hold it close to your face and then inhale. 

People have used these essential oils to treat their runny noses for hundreds of years. People who avoid antibiotics because of their chemical properties can use these oils as a treatment because of their anti-inflammatory nature to relieve swollen sinuses.