Why use sunscreen every time the sun shines and the rain drops?

Speedy-needy. Suggest a cosmetics product that works right away and keeps your face healthier, wrinkle-free, and youthful for years ahead (Though, for certain bizarre reasons, the majority of people do not even wear it all year long).

Enough of the hints! I’m directly describing sunscreen.

While many individuals wear sunscreen during the summertime, the truth is that you should use it every day of the year, be it rain or shine. 

Dr. Shilesh Iyer, M.D., licensed dermatologist, notes that “solar skin damage and even skin cancer have a high chance of being manifested because of the ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and now these skin problems have been getting very common. They are persistent enough because UV rays are immuned by cold or hot weather, and clouds have no bearing on them.”

Only visible rays (but not Ultraviolet rays) from the sun are shielded on overcast days. Therefore, sunscreen is the most practical and suitable solution to protect the skin.

Now, let’s dive in right away! Let us help you in selecting what sunscreens you could own.

Finest Sunscreen-Necessities In Malaysia:

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF50

This Neutrogena sunscreen, considered the greatest sunblock of 2021 by New York Magazine and Healthline, is a major advancement in sun protection. Despite approximately 1,200 evaluations on Shopee, it has a spotless 5.0 rating, showcasing how safe and effective this suncream is. 

Featuring its Dry-Touch formula with Helioplex™

They have been using Dry-Touch technology to provide a mega-light finish.

Why is it worth the buy?

This sunscreen is gentle and non-greasy, so this won’t clog your pores.

Its radiant skin effect originated from Neutrogena’s Helioplex™ ingredient, which protects our skin against skin-ageing UVA and damaging UVB rays, provided with skin aging defense at its best.

Moreover, this sunscreen is completely waterproof for up to 80 minutes and will not wash away while swimming, bathing, or surfing.

2. NIVEA Sun Protect Light Brightening SPF50 70ml

This Nivea sunscreen with SPF50 safeguards against solar-induced skin dryness, dark circles, and facial wrinkles. It’s enriched with 50x Vitamin C thus skin is rejuvenated for freshness and a healthier appearance. 

Why is it worth the buy?

It features ultra-light texture for quick absorption. It serves as a shield against pollutants, dust, smoke, and filth, which can cause dry and damaged skin.

For best results, massage gently preceding sunlight exposure and reapply frequently, especially after swimming, sweating, or toweling.

As precautions, do not swallow it and avoid getting it in your eyes.

3. UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence with SPF 50 by BIORE

This BIORE sunscreen is suitable to be used on the body and face. It contains Aqua Micro Capsules, which produce UV absorbing elements to create a stronger, long-lasting double block while establishing a delicate and soothing ‘water-like’ fresh feeling. 

It’s non-sticky and non-greasy, so it distributes and absorbs quickly. To keep your skin hydrated, it’s formulated with hyaluronic acid and mix citrus essence as moisturizing agents. It is ideal for everyday usage!

Why is it worth the buy?

It has a subtle and natural fruity smell. It is easy to apply on the skin, is allergy-tested and reflects a quick penetration onto the skin.

Gently apply this sunscreen to the face and neck and reapply after intense perspiration, swimming, or towel drying for optimal results. Soap, moisturizer, or makeup remover can be used to remove it. As a precaution, even with sunscreen, avoid spending too much time in the sun.

4. Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF50+ manufactured by 3W CLINIC

This 3W CLINIC sunblock is a soft cream that can be easily applied on the face, protecting it from the sun while also moisturizing it. It also contains aloe extract, which soothes skin irritation and protects against skin problems while also nourishing the face. Use it as a make-up base to level out skin tone without seeming like you’re wearing make-up. 

As a prerequisite, apply it 15 to 30 minutes before going outside after cleaning and hydrating your face.

Why is it worth the buy?

It is a budget-friendly sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white tint behind. It also works wonderfully on oily skin. It’s a light cream that is easy to blend with the skin and has no strange odor. It’s proven that you can entrust your skin to this sunscreen for a long time.

There you go! These sunscreens are such a steal and are highly recommended for effective skin protection. 

Skin-love is self-love. What are you waiting for? Consider investing in the sunscreen you personally desire and grab yours now!