Snoring is the hoarse sound that generally occurs when air flows through relaxed tissues in your throat which allows the tissues to vibrate whenever you breathe. It also indicates a health condition and can be annoying to your partner. Nowadays, nearly everyone snores, but for some people it can also signal a chronic disease.  

 There are various medical devices and snoring treatments that can reduce snoring through surgeries. However, treatment is not necessary for everyone. A person can also change their lifestyle to stop snoring. There are also tips on how to stop snoring naturally to reduce snoring at a certain level.

According to this study, if snoring is associated with OSA then you may face other complications such as:

  • Frequent anger or frustration
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Higher risk of heart conditions, stroke, and high blood pressure
  • Difficulty  in concentration
  • Any chances of vehicle accident due to lack of sleep
  • Inappropriate behavior problems

Remedies For Snoring In Ayurveda

These are the remedies for snoring in Ayurveda, you can follow these snoring hacks for a cure:

Ayurvedic Ghee 

We all have heard about the amazing benefits of ghee. You will be amazed to know that Ayurvedic ghee can be the best remedy in reducing snoring. You can even use clarified butter instead of ghee as they both have many medicinal properties.

Sage Herbal 

Sage herbs contain an anti-inflammatory property and act as a herbal remedy for snoring. Along with that, the sage herb is also an amazing ingredient to reduce the inflammation and mucous condition in the airways.

Mint Tea 

Mint has a cooling property which is very useful to cure snoring. It contains methanol which reduces mucus from the lungs and thus reduces inflammation of air passageways.


Consuming garlic in your food can reduce snoring. It helps to dry up the nasal passages and airways which in return reduce the mucus build-up that blocks your sinus. So if sinus blockage is the cause of your snoring, you can get relief by consuming garlic in your food.

Orange borscht with cabbage on the boards, pieces of bread, green onions, garlic, dill. Traditional Ukrainian and Russian first course. Top view
Lifestyle Remedies 

Losing weight, avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly, stopping smoking, staying hydrated, and eating healthy food can also help to reduce snoring.

Self-Help Tips To Cure Snoring:

Change your sleeping position

The easiest hack to avoid snoring is to change your sleeping position. You can also use a body pillow to support your posture and make sure that you don’t roll on your back while sleeping. 

Young woman with beautiful face sleeping well on white cotton sheets and soft pillow lying asleep in comfortable cozy bed at home or hotel enjoying healthy nap resting enough for good relaxation.
Encourage healthy sleeping habits 

If you are dealing with a heavy snorer, you can encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyle practices to reduce snoring such as sleeping on either side, drinking less, staying hydrated, and sleeping early.

Keep your nostrils open

Blocked nostrils can be the most common cause of snoring. A stuffy nose makes it difficult to breathe which creates the vacuum in the throat and thus leads to snoring. Therefore, keep your nasal passages open to avoid that.

Essential Oils For Snoring


According to experts, applying a bit of thyme oil on your feet at night assists to reduce snoring.

A bottle of essential oil with fresh blooming thyme on a pink background

If you are one of those people whose snoring gets worse day by day, then peppermint oil is an excellent solution for you. Simply inhale the peppermint oil, and you and your partner are set for a good sleep.


Smelling cedarwood can help to reduce anxiety and relax muscles which eventually reduces snoring.


Pine is an essential oil that is derived from the pine needle. It has both antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.  According to experts, if it is used to massage strained muscles and sore joints then it can reduce snoring and thus promotes better sleep.


Lavender oil is the most commonly used essential oil for the treatment of insomnia. It also helps to promote relaxation and also assists in reducing snoring. 

How To Stop Snoring Permanently?

Lose some weight

People who are overweight tend to snore more than those who aren’t. The reason behind it is that they carry extra fat around their necks which eventually causes them to snore. Therefore, reducing a couple of pounds, adjusting your diet, and getting some exercise can help you to get better sleep and reduce your snoring.

Drink more water

Keeping your body hydrated is always an excellent idea to reduce most of the health-related problems. Even snoring can occur due to dehydration. Therefore, drinking about 3 to 4 liters of water every day helps to get rid of snoring.

Limit or avoid alcohol before bed
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Alcohol can relax the throat muscles and thus cause snoring. Try to avoid alcohol before bed or at least two hours before bedtime.

Examine your diet and cut down on inflammatory food

Consuming excessive amounts of inflammatory food can also be the cause of snoring, so try to avoid dairy and gluten products. It is not mandatory to completely cut them out, however you should switch to healthier options most of the time.