Sunburn appears a few hours after a lot of exposure to ultraviolet radiations either from sunlight or artificial lights/sources. Sunburn skin is the painful skin that appears red and feels hot to the touch. The reason for sunburn is ultraviolet radiation which causes an inflammatory reaction that damages the outermost layer of the skin. Sunburn is one of the leading causes of skin cancer and skin aging.

What Should You Know About Sunburn?

  • Some people are more likely to get sunburn due to their skin type. People with lighter skin are more likely to get sunburned but anyone can be a victim of it.
  • Be careful even when the sun is not glaring because it is scientifically proven that 80% of ultraviolet radiation can penetrate through clouds.

Foods That Repair Sunburn

Food is one of the crucial helpers that assist people in adapting to their external environment throughout the season. People with a normal eating schedule and diet plan for healing sunburn are more likely to be better protected from UV during the daytime.

  • Blueberries: Blueberries are a powerful source of antioxidants that defends against free radicals that can harm skin due to sun exposure.

  • Watermelon: Watermelon contains an antioxidant called lycopene which absorbs both UVA and UVB radiation.

  • Walnuts and flax seeds: Walnuts and flax seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acid which maintains skin integrity. Omega 3 is also anti-inflammatory which naturally helps the body to defend against the effects of spending too much time in the sun.

  • Leafy green vegetables: Leafy green vegetables contain antioxidants and zeaxanthin which protect against sun damage and skin cancer.

Sunburn And Skincare

Below are the ways in preventing sunburn with skincare:

  • Sunscreens are chemical formulas that block and filter sunlight. Thus, it is necessary to wear sunscreen with a sun-protecting factor (SPF) of 30 or higher and apply it to all exposed areas of the skin.
  • UV rays are the strongest from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. So, it is better to stay out of the sun during this period of time.

  • Wearing a hat with a wide brim also helps in preventing sunburn.

  • Wearing clothes and choosing fabric that protects skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiations. Also, if you are prone to sunburn then it is better to opt for clothes that contain ultraviolet protection factor (UPF).

Is It Safe To Work Out With Sunburn?

It is recommended to take a rest from doing workouts depending upon the severity of sunburn. When you are dealing with sunburn, doing exercise or workout can cause more harm than good because it raises the body temperature which can cause overheating and sweat that can irritate the skin. Sweating and body heat can cause the body to lose its natural moisture which leads to dehydration. So, it is better to drink plenty of water and use an anti-inflammatory diet instead of workout. Sometimes sunburns are compared with cold sources which are highly contagious and can be spread through gym equipment, which is another reason to skip workouts during sunburn. It is very crucial to be very conscious about the dos and don’ts of sunburn.

Don'ts Of Sunburn

  • Avoid using petroleum jelly for dry skin after sunburn.

  • Avoid putting ice on sunburnt skin.

  • Avoid putting ice on sunburn skin.

  • Skin peeling after sunburn is common, so avoid scratching or trying to remove peeling skin 

  • Avoid popping blisters.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes over sunburnt skin.

Do’s Of Sunburn

  • Cool the skin with a cool bath but keep in mind that a young child must not get too cold.

  • Applying remedies to prevent inflammation of the skin caused by sunburn such as aloe vera. Sunburn on the face can also be treated with aloe vera.

  • Drinking plenty of water helps in preventing dehydration.

Female Drink water
  • Taking painkillers to get relief from pain caused by sunburn.

  • Avoid exposing the sunburnt skin to sunlight until it gets fully healed.

Do Masks Help Sunburn Skin?

Some best face masks for sunburn skin can ease the pain and relieve the skin. However, there is no immediate cure for sunburn skin. You can try:

Mask For Sunburn Containing Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is often referred to as a burnt plant. Its gel contains healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to treat itchy skin after sunburn.

To make this mask you will need the following:

  • 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon honey

  1. Mix both the ingredients well together.
  2. It would be best to refrigerate the mask before use.

  3. When you are ready to use the mask, gently cleanse the skin, then apply a thick layer of the mask on the sunburn skin.

  4. Leave it on for around 20 minutes, then rinse off well.

Yogurt Mask For Sunburn

Yogurt contains lactic acid which promotes skin cell turnover.

Follow these steps to make yogurt mask:

  1. You can simply spread a layer of chilled yogurt over your sunburn skin as a mask.
  2. Leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes. However, during that time, don’t let it dry completely.

  3. As soon as it starts to dry, apply another layer over the first one.

  4.  You can repeat this several times during the day.

Keeping Yourself From Getting Sunburned

Carry umbrella

How can you avoid getting sunburned if you’re caught without sunscreen the next time?

You can carry an umbrella with you and wearing a hat is also recommendable (ideally, if you’re out in the sun). A 2-3 inch hem is best for protecting your face, ears, and neck, along with a tightly woven fabric.