Sanitary napkins are disposable single-use pads made of absorbent material that absorb the menstrual fluid during menstruation. They are also called sanitary pads. They come in different shapes and sizes, with different capacities to absorb heavy or light menstrual bleeding.

There are many sanitary pad brands in Malaysia. But here is a list of the best sanitary pads you can try, including the best sanitary pads for sensitive skin

1. Blossom Sanitary Pad

A sanitary pad with a multi-layer structure and quality material that make you feel comfortable, clean, and fresh all the time. It has resealable aluminum foil packaging and a full coverage wrapper to minimize the risk of contamination when you use it. The Blossom sanitary pad has a core strip with anions, far infra-red rays, active oxygen, and essential oils that minimize the discomfort during your periods and promotes your well-being. It is made of these eight layers:

  • The cottony surface is ultra-soft and breathable, tenderly caring for your sensitive skin.
  • Multi-mineral strip with anions, far infra-red rays, active oxygen, lavender, cypress oil, and mint oil for skin comfort.
  • Air-laid and anti-bacterial dust-free layers wrap around SAP to channel menstrual fluid inward.
  • Super-Absorbent-Polymer (SAP) with superior fluid absorption and locking capability.
  • Another air-laid and anti-bacterial dust-free layer.
  • To prevent leaks, special padding is used to distribute liquids evenly.
  • A breathable back sheet dissipates dampness for a fresh and clean feel.

There is a Blossom mini pad, ultrathin pad, and a whole range of other variations with antibacterial properties.

2. Kotex Sanitary Pads

They are slim, absorbent, and stylish pads that offer great all-around period protection from lighter days to heavy flow ones. They come with different variations including maxi pads, overnight pads, ultrathin pads, slim pads, and daily liners. 

Kotex sanitary pads also have breakthrough innovations such as Malaysia’s first overnight panties, as well as odor care products and an antibacterial range with natural ingredients. They also have 5-IN-1 leakage protection that offers exceptional protection even during sudden gushes. 

If you get itchy trying pads from other brands, then you can try Kotex since it has odor care super-absorbent pads that prevent up to 99% growth of bad bacteria for everyday freshness and keeping the bad odor away. They are also formulated with a cooling tea tree extract that removes all uncomfortable stuffiness while providing maximum leakage protection.

3. Laurier Sanitary Pad

This brand offers a complete range of sanitary products to satisfy different women’s needs. Laurier sanitary pads range from slim type, maxi type, day or night types, and pantyliners that help you stay dry and leakage-free. Some of their products like Laurier Fresh Protect have antibacterial properties that can prevent and suppress candida growth.

4. Heyday Sanitary Pads

Heyday sanitary pads contain no chemicals, chlorine, or dioxin bleach and are manufactured entirely from natural maize and bamboo fibers. Each Heyday sanitary napkin is composed of seven core sheets made from organic plant fibers with a soft and delicate top surface available in three variants depending on the flow. 

Every pad also has anti-leakage side barriers, wide wings, and a hip guard to lock the fluid in. Their breathable corn starch bottom sheet allows for unrestricted airflow and relaxation.

It is environmentally friendly and biodegradable within 2 years of disposal. The individual disposal covers in the sanitary napkins and panty liners are made from corn starch and the packaging is made with soy-coated paper or oxo-degradable bags.

5. Ultrex Sanitary Pads

They are designed to fit perfectly and provide ultimate security, comfort, and discretion for you. Ultrex sanitary pads also have a highly absorbent core that locks the liquid and odors inside the towel for ultimate protection. Their range of sanitary pads includes- ultra night, ultra-slim, ultra-fit, and ultra-plush.

6. Libresse Maxi Non-Wing

Libresse maxi non-wing is made with 100% virgin pulp. It is suitable for a maximum fit during regular flow days. 

It contains SecureFit and DFC, which work together to provide an all-around fit and improved absorption since it is particularly engineered to keep your pad securely in place regardless of your body curves.

SecureFit advantages:

  • To avoid leakage, the pad has a larger front to keep it in place.
  • The narrow middle helps to fit comfortably between your thighs, keeping it in place.
  • A uniquely designed ‘split rear’ at the back gives a close fit to your buttocks.
  • For improved security, a larger absorption center catches splashes faster.

DFC advantages:

  • It quickly channels wetness into the pad and prevents fluid from flowing back to the surface
  • Act as fold lines that allow folding at strategic points- keeping the pad intact with your body at all times
  • Improves DFC absorbs and distributes fluids quicker, resulting in improved dryness.

There is also a variation to this pad with a green tea scent.


You will need the assurance that your sanitary pad will make you comfortable and give you reliable absorbency with no leakages when you are on your period. It is important to choose a sanitary pad with- good absorbency, the right thickness for your flow, long enough with good wings for a perfect fit, and most importantly- good material to avoid skin irritation.