The Importance Of Tampons

Tampon is a type of feminine hygiene product that is used to absorb your period’s menstrual flow. Tampons can be used with or without an applicator to put into the vaginal area. Therefore it is not the same as a menstrual cup.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tampons



Tampons are more comfortable than sanitary pads for the majority of women. Tampons allow women to be active without having to worry about their periods leaking.


Tampons, according to most women, provide them a cleaner feeling. Tampons don’t make you worry even if you are having a heavy flow. Pads are messier, and if worn for an extended period of time, they might smell bad.

Ease On Physical Activities

Tampons, unlike pads, let you swim while you’re on your period. They’re also more comfortable than pads, allowing you to participate in sports and other forms of exercise.

No Visible Lines

A pad can cause your pants to show through, which can be embarrassing. You won’t have to worry about those lines when you use tampons.

No Odor

When you wear your pad for an extended period of time, it emits an unpleasant odor. If you use tampons and remove them on time, you can avoid the awful scent.


A Pain To Work With

Because tampons are more difficult to use, some women choose to use pads instead. Due to the fact that tampons must be inserted into the vagina, women are apprehensive to switch. It’s understandable if they frighten you.

Difficult To Tell When It’s Time To Switch

It’s difficult to know if you need to change your tampon because it’s not visible during use. It’s possible that a stain will form if you don’t realize your tampon is very wet. However, it’s generally harder to tell compared to when you are wearing pads.

Additional disadvantages include:

  • It’s not easy to put them in, especially if it’s your first time.
  • It takes some experimentation to find the correct size and kind for your flow (i.e., there will be unexpected accidents).
  • Millions of tampons and their packaging wind up in landfills in the United States every year, posing a significant environmental threat.
  • They may irritate and dry out your vaginal area, causing itching and discomfort.
1. Click Compact Tampons, Regular

It is a tampon that grooves with you for exceptional comfort, making it more comfortable than pad. Click tampons offer a smooth tip for rapid, easy, and pleasant insertion and are up to 100 percent leak-free.

Click® tampons are pocket-sized and intended to accommodate your lifestyle, going from compact to full-size protection in one simple step. This product also contains no fragrance and is individually wrapped in brilliant colors and patterns that are inspired by current fashion trends.

2. Regular Tampon OB Pro Comfort

The unique silky smooth SilkTouch cover makes ProComfort Tampons the easiest insertion ever. It is a tampon Malaysia people suggest.

However, remember that only one tampon at a time should be inserted. This tampon is an absolute favourite as it best fits your flow rate, and has the lowest absorbency.

3. Rael Plant-Based Plastic Applicators on Organic Cotton Tampons

Unlike traditional tampons, this one is made entirely of 100% Certified Organic Cotton from tip to string. Thus, tampon shedding and fiber loss are prevented for a safe period using an organic cotton protective veil. It also has a comfort-fit design that stretches widthwise for improved, faster absorption and up to 8 hours of leak-free protection. It comes individually wrapped in a paper wrapper that is made from recycled materials.