Dry eyes are a common condition caused by insufficient tear quantity or low tear quality. Dry eyes can range from a little discomfort to a persistent condition known as dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes generate a variety of unpleasant symptoms that might impair your efficiency at work and during recreational activities.

Your eyes may also be prone to bacterial infections, or the surface of your eyes may become irritated, resulting in corneal scarring. Although it is painful, dry eye syndrome seldom results in permanent vision loss.

Significant Dry Eye Symptoms

Symptoms of dry eyes include:

Closeup irritated infected red bloodshot eyes, conjunctivitis.

This is because dryness on the surface of the eye can occasionally promote overproduction of your tears to act as a defense mechanism. However, this “reflex tearing” does not last long enough to alleviate the underlying dry eye problem.

Habitual Causes

Dry eye syndrome is often caused by the following:

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How To Cure Dry Eyes Permanently

Dry eye is generally regarded as a long-term problem. Although it can be adequately managed, it cannot be cured.

Best Drops For Dry Eyes

Eye drops, gels, and ointments are common over-the-counter treatments for dry eyes. Many of these products have chemicals that aid in moisture retention.

Look for products that contain lubricants like carboxymethylcellulose and electrolytes like potassium.

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Best Eye Drops For Dry Eyes 2020

Here is the list of eye drops for dry eyes:

Natural Remedies For Dry Eyes

There are a variety of natural solutions that can help you get rid of the annoying dry eye problems.

The most popular and efficient natural therapies are as follows:

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Simple Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

Wash your eyelids and lashes

When washing your face, pay close attention to your eyelids and lashes. Gently clean your upper and lower eyelids with warm water and baby shampoo or a preservative-free eyelid wash. Makeup or face creams that could get into the tear film and potentially irritate your eyes should be avoided.

Dry eyes have been associated with lack of vitamin D. Vitamins B12 and A is also important for eye health.

Ayurveda Treatment For Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are defined by Ayurvedic medicine as Vata prakop in the eyes, as well as a lack of nutrients in the ocular tissues. As a result, they are unable to generate appropriate amounts of tears, leaving the eyes dehydrated and causing a burning feeling. Some of the most effective Ayurveda therapy for dry eyes are listed here.


Ghee, or clarified butter, is known for its moisturizing benefits and ability to improve general well-being. Ghee can be used to massage your eyes to relieve dryness. Alternatively, a drop of lukewarm ghee can be applied to each eye to heal it.