Throughout history, celebrities have claimed to derive their good looks from their beauty rest. While sleeping for an entire eight hours is a luxury that not everyone can afford, it is certainly a more affordable option compared to costly Microderm abrasions, chemical peels, and other painful treatments. If you’re wondering how sleep might help you feel more attractive, you should continue reading this article. 

Humans sleep in stages, the first of which is the transitional period between waking and sleeping. This is the stage at which your thoughts become disconnected and unpredictable, and eventually you become distant from your environment.

Shortly after this time, you enter long-wave sleep in the evening to late-night hours, typically between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., depending on your sleep schedule. This is the phase during which your body heals itself and has the most noticeable effect on your physical appearance.

According to Matthew Walker’s book, “Why We Sleep,” this phase is intimately tied to the circadian rhythm, which means it occurs only during the first half of the night, which means you may miss it if you go to bed too late–even if you get eight hours.

When you sleep for eight hours at the optimal time, you achieve the optimal ratio of long-wave to rapid eye movement (REM) periods. While both are necessary, slow-wave rest is primarily responsible for rest’s healing qualities. While it would be nice if an afternoon nap tightened your skin and re-energized your hormones, this is not always the case.

When you receive enough slow-wave sleep, your body heals itself, your blood pressure decreases, and your energy levels return to normal. Additionally, this phase is important for hormone control, which has an effect on muscular development, stress hormone levels, and your body’s proclivity to store fat. Therefore, if you spend a large portion of your waking hours at the gym, not obtaining enough sleep might still jeopardize your efforts.

According to the American Psychological Association, insufficient rest can result in tissue inflammation, which means that sleeping long enough might not result in greater attractiveness if the rest is of low quality. Deep sleep is critical for recovery following burns, surgery, or illness in general. “Sleep is critical in healthy times, but it becomes much more critical during times of disease,” explains Myke Federman of UCLA Health.

How To Obtain Beauty Sleep

Now that you’re aware that beauty sleep is possible, at least in terms of alleviating sleep deprivation symptoms and preventing premature aging, you’re probably wondering how to make the most of this free resource. We’ll walk you through a few strategies to improve your sleep for a more attractive appearance, while reminding you that these improvements should also have beauty sleep benefits for your general health.

  • Avoid Salty Before-Bed Snacks

Salty late-night snacks contribute significantly to inflammation and under-eye bags. While that bag of chips seems to be a desirable choice, try a healthier option such as an apple or a protein-rich snack if you want to enhance your appearance while sleeping. Salty snacks, according to Livestrong, may also cause stomach problems and a longer sleep latency, or the time it takes to fall asleep. Thus, avoiding salt before you sleep is usually a smart idea.

salty snacks
  • Reconsider Alcohol

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, which results in increased swelling, particularly in the eyes and cheeks. According to Psychology Today, alcohol is also renowned for impairing REM sleep and general sleep quality. Therefore, even if you find an evening drink calming, do refrain yourself as it only provides bad consequences.

“Chronic drinkers appear to be older than their colleagues due to chronic dehydration,” dermatologist Erin Gilbert explained in an interview with Allure. “When you’re dehydrated, you’re not rebuilding collagen as quickly, and wrinkles in the skin tend to develop deeper faster.”

Therefore, if you’re accustomed to a nightcap before bed, consider replacing it with a glass of water.

  • Apply Your Skincare Before Going To Sleep
Skin care

If you’re like the majority of us, you probably have a drawer, cupboard, or bag full with nearly empty or long-forgotten beauty goods and skincare products. Many of us have succumbed to a fantastic testimonial or Instagram ad for everything from facial masks to serums and spot treatments. However, we often forget to use them as we are occupied with our busy day-to-day schedule. 

According to a Scientific American article, absorb nutrients, beauty sleep vitamins, and hormones through our skin, and what better time than while we sleep to do it. Our skin will be free of cosmetics and sunscreen that clog pores, and it is less likely to get injured or covered in sweat due to the exposure to the hot sun. These components, according to Byrdie, work together to allow your skin to breathe.

While cleaning bacteria and pore-clogging dirt from your face is generally never a bad idea, it is especially critical at night. Your skin draws dirt, creates oil, and gathers bacteria throughout the day. If you don’t wash it off before night, you risk developing outbreaks, not to mention transferring all that gunk to your pillowcase, where it will linger even if you wash your face the next day. This skincare routine is crucial as it helps maintain your skin while also helping you to sleep better.

  • Choose The Best Position To Sleep

Bear in mind that gravity might have an effect on the appearance of under-eye bags and wrinkles. Sleeping on your side or stomach may result in sagging of loose skin, which contributes to the appearance of fine lines and bags. While sleeping on your back is optimal, it is not always comfortable.

We propose determining your optimal sleeping posture as it is highly relevant to your sleep quality. 

Changing sheets
  • Alternate Your Sheets Frequently

Just as it’s critical to remove makeup before bed to preserve your skin, frequently changing your sheets also help to eliminate acne-causing germs and allow you to sleep well. To improve your complexion, you’ll probably need to wash them more frequently than you do presently. The majority of experts advocate washing sheets weekly, or every two weeks if you’re short for beauty sleep time on occasion.

While this may be inconvenient, you are doing a good deed for your skin, plus who doesn’t enjoy sleeping in new sheets?

Does Sleep Improve Everyone's Appearance?


We’ve all had those days after a long night when the world appears dull, monotonous, even ugly or tedious. On the other hand, we’ve probably all had those days when we wake up with a positive mindset, a kind heart, and an optimistic disposition. A new Italian study discovered that our view of the world around us has a strong correlation with how well we sleep.

Someone who looks out his window and notices that everything is dreary and identical in appearance might be lacking in sleep. If you’re unable to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings or have developed a judgmental attitude about the appearance of your friends and peers, you might simply require some rest. According to a study, sleep alters your perspective of the world around you, including your capacity for aesthetic experience, which can have an effect on your empathy. This can influence your perceptions of beauty, your surroundings, and even your emotional relationships.


The average American woman spends more than $50,000 on cosmetics during her lifetime, according to a New York Post article. Given that around a third of that money is spent attempting to reverse the impacts of inadequate sleep, we’re pleased to report that research indicates that beauty sleep can improve physical attractiveness without costing thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Surprisingly, despite their youth, research suggests that women in their twenties spend the most money on their faces. Therefore, if you prioritize other factors over sleep, keep in mind that you will almost certainly make up for it in terms of money spent over your lifetime.

Finally, we would advise everyone to devote as much attention to self-love as they do to their regular beauty routine. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, we hope this is not the sole reason you ditch healthy lifestyle choices and adequate sleep.