Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Here are the main reasons why every household should have a coconut oil:

  • Keeping blood sugar in check

MCTs, which are found in coconut oil, were found to help sustain insulin sensitivity in a 2009 study. In 29 research studies, MCT oil was found to have distinct favorable health effects.

  • Stress reduction

Antioxidant properties are present in virgin coconut oil. It appears to alleviate stress caused by exercise and persistent cold in a study. Researchers believe that virgin coconut oil is beneficial in the treatment of depression in some people.

  • Gleaming hair 

Some people use coconut oil to add luster and preserve their hair from damage. It has the potential to penetrate the scalp more effectively than mineral oils.

  • Good skin

Applying coconut extract to your skin can strengthen its protective barrier and have an anti-inflammatory effect, suggests a 2017 study.

  • Weight loss

A study testing two products revealed that coconut oil was less likely to promote diabetes and weight gain in mice. Some have interpreted this as implying that coconut oil can help people to lose weight.

Below are the healthiest coconut oil Malaysia offers! Check them out right now:

1. Coconut Cooking Oil by MEDELLA

A quality cooking coconut oil Malaysia really loves to use! It is an oil that has been physically steam-refined and is 100 percent natural, with no additional chemicals, solvents, or additions. There are no trans-fats because it is not hydrogenated. With a neutral flavor and scent, it’s ideal for deep-heat cooking, frying, and baking. Filtration neutralizes the coconut flavor and aroma, hence no chemical processes or additives are used. It also has the same high levels of MCFAs and MCTs as virgin coconut oil!

About MCFAs: While most fats take longer to digest, MCFAs present in coconut oil provide an excellent source of energy since they only require a three-step procedure to convert to fuel, whereas other fats require a 26-step process!

MCFAs, unlike long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) found in plant-based oils, are easier to digest, not easily stored as fat, antimicrobial and antifungal, smaller in size, allowing easier cell permeability for immediate energy, processed by the liver and converted to energy rather than being stored as fat.

This coconut cooking oil, unlike the virgin coconut oil, can withstand high temperatures.

2. CBC Pure White Coconut Oil

CBC has a long history of making sure that their goods have all of the necessary nutrients and natural goodness. To provide the freshest items for its customers, the company uses only the best, high-quality, pure ingredients. Its oil is manufactured from pure coconut oil Malaysia really supports. It is unrefined, cold-pressed oil taken from coconut milk and is one of the company’s most popular products. The company ensures that its products are suitable for the skin, scalp, and hair of its customers.

3. Coconut Oil RBD

This coconut oil is ideal for applications that require a high viscosity at low temperatures while also requiring a quick breakdown. It is excellent for making ice cream and ice cream coatings, as well as soft fillings, low moisture food frying, and spray oil in biscuit and snack production.

4. Tropicana Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Tropicana Oil produces organic cold-pressed coconut oil for cooking using a unique manufacturing process that does not require processing. It’s prepared from a superb coconut strain from southern Thailand that has been cold-pressed with the kernel coat removed to produce a golden glow coconut oil that’s rich in health benefits. It is enriched with 50% lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids, which aid in body metabolism, diabetes prevention, and weight loss.

Here are some tips to consume and use this oil:

  • Take 1-2 teaspoons before breakfast for at least 30 minutes to balance the body.
  • Apply a small amount of coconut oil on your skin. Pour a few drops onto your palm and gently massage the region to allow the oil to penetrate the skin.