Xanthelasma or also known as Xanthelasma Palpebra is a well-circumscribed flat, yellowish growth on or beneath the eyelid. Xanthelasma contains cholesterol. For it to be treated or discovered, it needs technical and clinical knowledge. So, if you notice yellow patches on the inside of your eyelid, it may indicate you have Xanthelasma. They are not harmful, but if you don’t like how they appear on your face, you can consult a doctor to get rid of them. Sometimes Xanthelasma could indicate that you are prone to heart attack or heart failure.

Effective Ways You Can Try To Remove Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma Laser Removal

It is a simple surgery done on the affected area of the skin using a small circular punch to remove small lesions on the skin.

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Xanthelasma Removal Cream

Below are some of the recommended products to remove xanthelasma

Simple Xanthelasma Removal At Home

Treatment options are varied when it comes to removing Xanthelasma on your skin. The bump’s proximity to the eye is something that can be worrying. A home remedy is adequate to remove it but if it is not,  you can consult a dermatologist. If you doubt the remedies, it’s good to check first with your doctor to examine the skin reaction.

1. Raw Garlic

Raw garlic is the world’s best remedy and remover for Xanthelasma. Science shows that garlic has the ability to lower the cholesterol content in the body. The active ingredients reduce the biosynthesis of cholesterol. However, you are not supposed to leave the garlic remedy on the skin for too long as it can cause a burning sensation.

Below is the procedure to use garlic as a natural remedy.

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2. Fenugreeks Seeds

Like garlic, the fenugreek seeds are rich in treatment properties that can help in reducing the cholesterol in your body. To achieve the best results, follow the instructions outlined below.

Fenugreek seed with sprout. (Trigonella foenum-graecum)
3. Onions

Onion is excellent in treating Xanthelasma and offers the best results when you apply it daily.

Procedure in applying:

You can also use:

  1. Castor oil
  2. Fresh banana peels
  3. Wet tea bag
4. Managing Cholesterol
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Xanthelasma Treatment In Ayurveda

It’s a traditional Indian system of administering medicines. It preserves health and wellness, and it believes in preventing disease rather than treating it. Homoeopathy is the best recommended Ayurvedic treatment. It can be combined with a  proper diet and exercise. Changing habits will also help in treating diseases. 


Xanthelasma is caused by fatty deposits that accumulate around your eye. It can affect persons of all ages, but it is more common in middle-aged and older adults. Xanthelasma is usually not bothersome, but if left untreated, it can gradually worsen and cause greater difficulty. Xanthelasma can be treated using a number of methods, including surgery and cryotherapy. Your doctor may also advise you to devise a strategy to address the underlying problem, which is dyslipidemia.